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Comprehensive Conservatory Upgrades in Shropshire

For those in Shropshire looking to enhance their conservatory, OWD presents a range of Conservatory Upgrades in Shropshire, including top-tier conservatory roof installations. This upgrade is a perfect way to rejuvenate your living space and add value to your home. Our conservatory roof replacements in Oswestry are renowned for their superior quality and effectiveness, ensuring a refined transformation of your conservatory.

Specialising in conservatory renovations, OWD offers services such as fitting new roofs, as well as replacing window frames and doors. You can choose to replace your old glass or polycarbonate roof with a fully insulated, plastered, and tiled warm roof, which greatly enhances thermal efficiency. Alternatively, for a unique look, consider an orangery-style roof with glazed panels.

Choosing to refurbish or upgrade your existing conservatory with us means you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of constructing a new one. We ensure a straightforward and trouble-free process, providing a wide range of options and products to revitalise any older conservatory. Contact us for a free quote.

Transform your Conservatory with Custom Roof Upgrades

Switching out your old conservatory roof for a new, tailor-made model can lead to significant reductions in both maintenance and heating expenses. This changeover not only modernises your conservatory but also turns it into a robust, year-round comfortable space.

At OWD, we excel in crafting bespoke conservatory roofs, customising every detail from style and design to materials, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your personal taste. This bespoke approach results in a conservatory roof that is distinctively yours. Moreover, our energy-efficient roofing options are designed to keep your conservatory a valued part of your home for the long term.

Visit our OWD showroom to explore a variety of conservatory roof choices, including the insulated warm roof system and the sophisticated orangery-style roof featuring a central glass lantern. Our display offers an array of styles and colours, enabling you to envision and select the ideal roof for your conservatory.

For customer peace of mind…

All of our products are manufactured in the UK and confirm to the highest industry standards. Glass is ‘A+’ rated, double-glazed as standard, with a triple-glazed option, toughened or laminated if required and we offer a full choice of obscure patterns. As standard we give you a full 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee and all products come with a 10-year warranty.  

 Contact us now for further information or to book an appointment. All photographs are OWD projects.

Revitalise your conservatory in Shropshire

When it comes to upgrading your conservatory in Shropshire, consider more than just renovations; with our unique replacement conservatories and conservatory roofs, you can transform it completely. At OWD, we specialise in creating custom solutions that not only rejuvenate your space, but also reflect the specific architectural character of your Shropshire property. Whether you’re looking for a modern insulated roof system or the elegance of an orangery-style roof with custom glass panels, our skilled staff will walk you through every step. Our dedication to perfection guarantees that your conservatory becomes a treasured part of your home, merging effortlessly with its surroundings while providing the ultimate in comfort and style. Choose OWD for a conservatory that stands the test of time, expressing both sophistication and functionality

Conservatory Upgrades Shropshire