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OWD’s Exterior Cladding… timelessly beautiful façades

OWD’s Exterior Cladding presents timelessly beautiful façades that significantly enhance the appearance and value of any property. OWD offers and installs two distinct cladding systems: an innovative composite system and a high-performance fibre cement system. Our lightweight composite cladding is exceptionally resilient, with minimal contraction and expansion rates regardless of weather conditions. The fibre cement system combines the best of science and nature, crafted from sustainable materials including cement, cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres, and water, providing strong, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance cladding solutions for homes.

OWD’s cladding solutions not only beautify your property but also enhance its durability and sustainability. Our composite cladding, known for its resilience, and fibre cement system, blending science with eco-friendly materials, offer enduring, low-maintenance choices for homeowners seeking quality exteriors. With OWD, you can transform your property into a showcase of timeless elegance, value, and environmental responsibility, ensuring lasting beauty and performance.

We offer a diverse selection of stunning colours, featuring an embossed woodgrain finish in our cladding systems. These are carefully crafted to complement a variety of architectural styles, whether contemporary or traditional, ensuring a wide array of choices to suit your property.

OWD’s cladding systems have undergone rigorous fire testing and have achieved the necessary fire performance classification ratings. Additionally, both products are engineered for low maintenance, promising durability without warping, cracking, or discolouration over time. For further information regarding the exact technical specifications for both, please contact us to discuss.

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